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Jizera Mountains – Tips for trips

Jizera Mountains are located in the north of Bohemia and is one of the most frequently visited places throughout the year.
Nature catches you suddenly Nordic, numerous peat bogs, streams, ponds and dams will surprise you calm and pure nature. In the river you Jizerky trail, which passes through a nature reserve Rašeliniště Jizerky, performs botanical and geological vyjmečností Jizera Mountains. The pride of the observation tower of course Jizera mountains with beautiful views of the surroundings.

Castles nearby
Sychrov Castle, famous for its fabulously romantic appearance, are among our most important monuments and is surrounded by a beautiful park in the English style.
Trosky Castle is the most famous landmark of the Bohemian Paradise. To date, the remains of the two towers of basalt rocks.
Frýdlant Castle stands on a basalt cliff above the river Smědá.
Castle and Chateau Grabstejn currently undergoing reconstruction.

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